Thinking About Illinois

You are exploring your options for attending college in the future—good for you!  If you are looking for a world class university with opportunities to grow academically and personally, then look no further.  Why should you consider the University of Illinois, and more specifically, the support services from the Division of Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES)?

Reasons to Consider the U of I / DRES Support Services

  • DRES is among the nation's very best in serving the needs of college students with disabilities.
  • Over 3,000 students with disabilities were registered with DRES in 2020—which means our staff have a great deal of experience in assisting students, like you, in getting the supports you need for success.
  • Registered DRES students' graduation rate is 91%—which is higher than the campus average.
  • 87% of registered graduating seniors with disabilities who responded to the 2010 Chancellor’s Senior Survey reported that they experienced "no unmet disability-related needs" while enrolled at Illinois.
  • Four full-time clinical psychologists work and support students with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and psychological disabilities through additional programs such as coaching, individual therapy, and support groups.
  • A full-time learning disabilities specialist supports students with learning disabilities.
  • DRES proactively identifies and supports students at risk of not being retained due to the educational impact of undiagnosed and unaccommodated cognitive and psychological disabilities.
  • DRES has been a leader in the production of alternative accessible media including converting print-based course information to such formats as e-text, Braille, enlarged print and MP3, and in captioning multimedia.
  • Interpreter and Computer Assisted Real-time Transcription (CART) services are available to those students needing accommodations within the classroom as well as University-sponsored events.
  • DRES provides career development counseling and guidance regarding disability disclosure and employment accommodations, and coordinates many dedicated recruitment visits by both private and public employers who are looking to hire persons with disabilities for internships and/or employment opportunities.
  • DRES has the best accessible transportation system for students with disabilities of any college campus in the United States with fixed route and a call in service as needed.
  • A fully equipped gym with a full-time physical therapist is available to assist students in developing and implementing personal exercise programs, particularly for developing and maintaining range of motion, strength and conditioning.
  • Beckwith Residential Support Services (BRSS) provides comprehensive services and educational programs for students who need personal care assistance with activities of daily living.
  • 87% of Beckwith-supported residents earn Illinois degrees, and over 84% obtain employment or enter graduate/professional school within a year of graduation.
  • BRSS is housed on the first floor of Nugent Hall which includes suite style living and state of the art technology like proximity card readers for doors and a SureHands Lift system in each room.
  • The Division's national leadership in disability sports spans 62 years and includes a men's wheelchair basketball team, a women's wheelchair basketball team, and a track and field program.  The Illinois men's wheelchair basketball team has won 15 national championships and the Illini women have won 14.
  • Illinois wheelchair racers are among the best in the world.  At the 2008 Beijing Paralympics, current and recently graduated Illinois students won nearly half (13) of the 27 medals won by the U.S. track and field team, though these five racers comprised only 11% of the entire team.

Okay, so there are more than a few reasons for attending the University of Illinois if you have an identified disability.

Come for a visit + talk with professional staff + check us out = you will be glad that you did!