No Show/Cancellation Fees

Given the high demand for services, DRES charges for no-show appointments for coaching, therapy, academic screenings, and neuropsychological testing.  If appointments are not cancelled 24 hours prior to the start time of the appointment, the following charges will apply:

No Show Coaching and/or Therapy Appointments: $10 per appointment

No Show Academic Screening Appointments: $25 per appointment

No Show Neuropsychological Testing Appointments: $50 per appointment

Due to the high demand for services and our extensive waitlists for coaching and therapy, if a student fails to show up to 2 consecutive coaching or counseling appointments their clinician will terminate their session times together. The terminated student is able to return to the waitlist if they are still interested in receiving services in the future and for coaching they can attend the walk-in academic lab which is open Monday -Friday from 8 am-5 pm for support.  

These charges will show up on your student account as “DRES No-Show Appointment Fee.

These policies allow us to support the maximum number of students who are seeking services.