Interpreter and Live Captioning Request Forms

Interpreter and Live Captioning Request Forms

The Interpreter and Live Captioning Request Forms are used to facilitate University of Illinois departments/units requesting sign language interpreter and live captioning services for university activities and events.


We coordinate Interpreter and Live Captioning requests (both TypeWell and CART) for students, faculty, staff, and general university events. When possible, and to increase the probability of obtaining specifically requested services, the form must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the requested date(s) of service. Please complete the form(s) below with as much information as you currently have to request an Interpreter or Live Captioning services.

CART is used for most campus-wide events, STEAM courses & graduate-level work. TypeWell is primarily used by undergraduate students in their courses. We will give due diligence to provide the preferred choice of live captioning, but availability will ultimately determine which (TW or CART) is provided. 

  • Use the "Interpreter Request Form" (below) to request a sign language interpreter. (*Note: This Interpreter Request form will be forwarded to the Interpreter(s) who accept/have been approved to cover your event)
  • If you have already submitted an Interpreter Request Form and you need to make a change to it, please submit the "Interpreter Change of Service Form".
  • If you have already submitted an Interpreter Request Form and you need to cancel it, please do so by submitting the "Interpreter Cancellation Form" and contacting us by phone at (217) 244-6972 (See Cancellation Policy below).
  • Use the "CART or TypeWell Request Form" to request live or remote Live Captioning services.

Verification & Contact

Your request with the name of the assigned interpreter will be verified by email. Interpreter requests are managed by DRES staff at  For additional information contact Tina Cowsert, Access Specialist/Interpreter & Live Captioning Coordinator ( or 217-244-6972.


To cancel services email DRES Interpreting at, no less than 48 hours prior to the start of the scheduled event. In the event of lesser notification, the event sponsor will be charged at the identified hourly rate for the minimum number of hours stipulated.


Interpreter services will be billed to the requesting department/unit by the DRES via a stores voucher (when applicable). On occasion, it may be necessary to use an outside agency or contract interpreter. In such cases, payment to the outside agency/contract interpreter will be made directly by the requesting department/unit to the agency/contractor. Payment method will appear in the verification section.

DHH Services Forms

  • Interpreter Request Form
  • Interpreter Change of Service Form
  • Interpreter Cancellation Form
  • CART/TypeWell Request Form