Students with disabilities may request a parking accommodation on a temporary or permanent basis. The student is required to register with DRES and provide medical documentation to support their request, please click here to apply. Most often, parking accommodations address disabilities related to mobility, including but not limited to, walking due to an arthritic, neurological, oncological, or orthopedic condition. While the parking accommodation process is under DRES's purview, the assigning of parking spaces and the processing of the request for a parking space is completed by the Parking Department. Parking spaces identified in a parking accommodation case may still be subject to the University's standard parking fee structure. Similar to other reasonable accommodations, parking accommodations may take up to 30 days to complete. 

Parking accommodations are facilitated by DRES access specialists. In most cases, a student cannot be provided more than one accessible space at a time on campus. Students are encouraged to notify DRES as soon as possible if their needs or location change over time.

Students who require parking spaces will need to renew their spot each year with Campus Parking.  


Parking Meters/Accessbile Parking:

  • Valid out of state disability permits may park in designated disabled spaces, which have not been assigned, but are not exempt from parking fees or time limitations.
  • State of Illinois issued Meter-Exempt placards (yellow and gray striped) are issued by the State of Illinois to persons with permanent disabilities who have a significant impairment causing difficulty accessing a parking meter. This placard EXEMPTS the authorized holder from payment of parking meter fees and time limitations, except at meters or signs with time limitations of 30 minutes or less. All other State of Illinois and out of state disability permits, permanent or temporary, DO NOT exempt authorized holders from payment of parking meter fees or time limitations.
  • Individuals who would like to obtain the placards/plates should obtain forms for this purpose from the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State for their physicians to complete (these forms can be obtained from the Illinois Secretary of State website). Completed forms should be taken to the nearest drivers license office where placards will be distributed. For those with temporary disabilities, the placards are good for 6 months