Passenger Guidelines

The following guidelines must be adhered to by all persons ridng DRES buses:

  1. All rides must be scheduled in advance through the Accessibility and Transportation Office.
  2. Smoking is prohibited while riding the bus and on campus.
  3. No alcoholic beverages may be brought on the bus and any passengers who appear intoxicated will not be permitted to ride the bus.
  4. Students in wheelchairs must face forward at all times.
  5. Riders may not block the driver's view.
  6. Operation of the wheelchair ramp/lift by anyone other than the trained operator/driver is prohibited.
  7. All buses have securements for wheel chairs which can be requested if needed.
  8. Drivers may not be asked to run personal errands on or off campus.
  9. You are required to contact our office at 217-333-4616 to cancel any rides at least one hour prior to the scheduled ride time.

Please bear in mind that the buses are operating for the convenience of ALL DRES students combined. DRES Transportation will try to take care of all your requirements, as needed, and make your stay at the University of Illinois as pleasant and productive as possible.