DRES Billing (Non-Student)

Closed Captioning:

Prices in the following table are for departments wanting to add captioning to their media. This service is provided by DRES’ Accessible Media Services (AMS) office. We will get your material finished as quickly as possible in the order it was received. *Note: Classes where students are registered who have a documented Hearing Disability will be given priority and will be completed at no charge to the requesting department.


($/minute of video)



Timecoded file
 (transcript provided by dept.)


Timecoded file
(transcript created by AMS)


Interpreting/TypeWell (Live Captioning/Transcribing) Services:

All Interpreter/transcribing services (for both in-class, extra-curricular activities, and official college graduation ceremonies) for registered DRES students are provided by DRES for free and will be given priority for available services.

Faculty, staff, and non-DRES student requests (including celebrations & performances) will be charged according to the table below at the end of each quarter

DRES does not provide interpreting coverage for conferences on campus for Deaf/Hard of Hearing attendees unless the attendees are registered DRES students, or U of I faculty/staff. If you require interpreting services, we encourage you to retain and schedule the interpreters for your event from the Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission website at: https://www2.illinois.gov/idhhc/Pages/default.aspx. Use the "Interpreter" tab at the top of the IDHHC webpage to select "Interpreter Directory" to get the names and contact information of local licensed interpreters. 

Upon occasion, large volumes of requests result in staff shortage. In the case that a live interpreter/transcriber is not available, a Video Remote Interpreter (VRI) or Video Remote TypeWell will be provided. All general transcribing/live captioning requests will be treated as TypeWell requests. All CART requests must be approved. *Note: if there is a high volume of requests, departments may be required to provide laptops/tablets and internet access.

It is possible that units may have to pay mileage if an interpreter lives more than 24 miles away from campus. Please be aware that this may happen. We will let you know before the event when we finalize the interpreter whether or not you will need to pay mileage in addition to the hourly fee. 

Service Provided:            Price ($/per hour) *
Live (in person) U of I Interpreter                                   $60  (*2 hour minimum) *Mon-Fri 8am-5pm & mileage both ways. Otherwise, 5pm-8am & Sat/Sun it's time and a half per hour per interpreter
Live (in person) Interpreter from a Vendor company   $80  (*2 hour minimum) *Mon-Fri 8am-5pm & mileage both ways. Otherwise, 5pm-8am & Sat/Sun it's $25 additional per hour per interpreter

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) U of I Interpreter        $70 (*2 hr minimum)
Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Vendor Company      $3.25/min for one intepreter (Unless the event needs teamed services, STEM services, Same day, after 5pm, or on Sat/Sun then services are an addtional $1/min)

Video Remote TypeWell Vendor Company                    $65 (*2 hr minimum)
Video Remote CART Vendor Company                         $109 (*2 hr minimum)

*In the case of cancellations, at least 48 hours’ notice must be given for charges not to occur.  
*All interpreters have a 2-hour minimum
*Anything over 2 hours must be covered by a team of 2 interpreters.
(*It's possible to have a team of 2 interpreters assigned to an event under 2 hours. This will be at the discretion of the interpreting coordination team.  You will be notified if this happens.)

*Interpreters from contract companies such as Deaf Services Unlimited (DSU), Chicago Hearing Society (CHS), CAIRS, or LUNA Interpreting Services will only be used if there are no U of I interpreters available. Payment will include mileage costs, travel time, and additional $25/hr after 5pm Monday-Friday and Saturday & Sunday will be included in each billing for contract interpreters. Events on federal holidays will be charged an extra $50/hr. 

*For users of Video Remote Interpreter or Transcribing---Once your VRI or TypeWell is assigned, you will be given directions for connecting to the remote interpreter/transcriber. It is your responsibility to follow the directions given to you before your event. If you do not follow the directions and do a practice run to make sure everything is working before the event then there is no guarantee the process will go smoothly. We will help you if assistance is needed, but to ensure a successful experience, you are responsible for practicing how to set it up ahead of time.

Text Conversion:

DRES will charge departments $50/hr for conversion of teaching material for courses as well as research material for faculty and staff needing accessible documentation. If the department needs to use separate accounts for the material being converted, it is the departments resposbility to give DRES the billing information for each type of material. Departments will be charged at the end of the quarter.