Disability Allyship


The disability ally program at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign seeks to facilitate awareness, understanding, and competency of disability through connecting faculty, staff, and students with resources, knowledge, and relationships of disability as diversity.  We aim to foster cross-campus collaboration, education, and experiences that allow all members of our campus community to include disability as diversity in conversation, action, and philosophy.  We are allies and participants of the disability community at the University of Illinois, and are not advocates.  We believe in using the term ally as a deliberate distinction from the word advocate.  We believe in joining together and joining with as allies in and to the disability community advocating for self rather than an outside advocate speaking for a community.


  • Provide high-quality, experiential, research-based programming on the spectrum of disability experience and information to interested and invested faculty, staff, and students
  • Introduce concepts and recognition of neurological and cognitive diversity as strengths of an inclusive campus
  • Extend invitations for cross-campus collaboration of the inclusion of ability status in all conversations on diversity, accessibility, and inclusion
  • Improve personal and professional growth in the understanding and allyship of ability, ableism, and remove barriers to experience knowledge and resources for competent diversability conversations
  • Provide a path for inclusion of ability status in all cultural competence conversations and assist in shifting understanding of diversity to always include ability