Mentoring Programs

Mentoring programs provide support to residents at different transitional periods of their university life.

  1. New Student Mentoring Program
  2. Alumni Mentoring Program
  3. High School Mentoring Program
  4. Parent Mentoring Program

New Student Mentoring Programnew Beckwith Students, group picture

The New Student Mentoring Program includes current Beckwith supported residents or recent BRSS alums who transitioned to other living accommodations mentoring new first-year residents. Initially, it is more structured to address transitional issues/questions that the new student might be pondering at that specific time. The mentors initiate contact with the new student mentees in mid-late May and continue throughout the summer. The mentors have specific topics that they address, but if the mentees have specific questions they are encouraged to ask them as they arise.

The New Student Orientation is a 6-day program prior to the beginning of classes in which the new residents have the opportunity to begin hiring and training personal assistant staff, getting settled into their room and most importantly getting acquainted with campus, DRES and developing community amongst first floor residents of Nugent Hall. The New Student Orientation Schedule provides more specific information.  After classes begin, mentoring becomes more informal as many of the issues are more individualized and trying to get everybody to meet at one time becomes challenging with the various class/PA schedules.

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Alumni Mentoring Program

The Alumni Mentoring Program matches Beckwith alumni with residents who are planning on graduating or moving into other living environments. Current Beckwith supported residents are matched with an appropriate alum based on if the mentoring pertains to professional, independent living, disability specific or other miscellaneous areas such as utilizing a service animal. 

The first correspondence is with the mentor, mentee and associate director with the outcome being establishing goals, objectives and frequency/method of correspondence (phone, email, Facebook, video conference or in person). Subsequent correspondence will be directly between the mentor and mentee with indirect follow-up by the associate director to assess satisfaction from both individuals.

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High School Mentoring Program

The High School Mentoring Program, one of our newer programs is being transformed to a more interactive format (UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Tentative kick-off date is March, 2020). The emphasis of this program is to mentor high school students throughout the country regarding life as a college student, how to prepare, and what to expect when living away from family.

This program is designed to be general to serve as a resource to students with severe physical disabilities regardless of where they intend to complete their post-secondary education. Current Beckwith supported resident video clips address specific transitional issues and maintain a blog which addresses general or specific topics based on the dialogue of the blog. The Beckwith professional staff may also post on the blog. If available, and a mutual interest, HS students may actually be assigned a BRSS supported student to provide more specific mentoring.

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Parent Mentoring Program

Finally, our newest program is a Parent Mentoring Program with two target groups — parents of incoming Illinois students and parents of younger high school students. Similar to the High School Mentoring Program, these are interactive in which there are specific questions and answers, video clips and the opportunity to blog with current parents and students. Beckwith professional staff may also post on the blog. This is a pilot program, with the goal of being available to all interested individuals spring '20. Visit the Beckwith Parent Mentoring blog (UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Tentative kick-off date is March, 2020).

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