Camp FAQs

  1. Are meals provided?
  2. Where do I stay?
  3. How are roommates assigned?
  4. Can I arrive early?
  5. How do I get there?
  6. Where do I park?
  7. Are campers supervised?
  8. Are personal care services provided?
  9. What about medications?

Q1: Are meals provided?

Resident campers are provided breakfast, lunch and dinner. The first meal will be dinner on the first day of camp and the last meal offered will be breakfast on the last day. If a camper has specific dietary needs, the camp director must be contacted to accommodate the request.

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Q2: Where do I stay?

Campers will be housed in campus housing with accessible shower and restroom stalls. Linens, towels, pillow, and blanket will be provided.

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Q3: How are roommates assigned?

Roommates are assigned at Check-in after the housing staff has confirmed the request with the camper(s). If a camper would like to request a roommate, this will be accommodated at check-in.

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Q4: Can I arrive early?

An “early arrival” is defined as any arrival before the first day of camp. Campers will be responsible financially for their accommodations and meals up until the first meal served at camp. If campers would like to stay in the dorms before camp begins, the prices are as follows:

  • Single room rate: $24.20 per night
  • Shared room rate: $15.90 per night

Meal prices are as follows:

  • Breakfast: $4.35
  • Lunch: $7.10
  • Dinner: $9.95

If campers require an early arrival, the camp director must to be contacted to arrange the stay in the dorm.

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Q5: How do I get there?

Campers are required to provide their own transportation to/from Champaign, IL. If arriving by commercial transportation, campers will be transported to the dorms from the local airport, train station, or bus station.

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Q6: Where do I park?

If a camper drives to campus, they will have to pay parking fees for the duration of the camp. Parking fees are $6 per day or $24 per week. Note: If a camper brings a car to campus, they WILL NOT be allowed to use the car during camp.

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Q7: Are campers supervised?

All campers are monitored, at all times, by camp staff or representatives from the respective residence halls. There are no situations in which campers are permitted to walk to & from the different camp activity venues or allowed to wander around campus alone. All the residence halls have 24 hour front desks. All the resident sport camps have sport camp and medical staff that stay in the building. Their contact information is provided to all campers at the camp meeting that occurs shortly after Check-in.

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Q8: Are personal care services provided?

All campers that attend University of Illinois sport camps are expected to be independent in all areas of personal care. No personal care attendants will be available to assist campers during camp. If campers require assistance at night with personal care, parents will be allowed to pick them up to provide assistance. Parents are not allowed to stay in the dorms with their child. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact the camp office.

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Q9: What about medications?

Campers are responsible for bringing and administering their own medications.

Additional questions? Call the office 217-244-6083.

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