Audio Description for Students

Students registered with DRES are encouraged to utilize priority registration.

Audio Description Policy

Students who have registered with DRES and have an audio description (AD) accommodation will need to provide Accessible Media Services (AMS) the following information:

  • Their experience with AD and any software they found useful.
  • What worked well with regards to AD.
  • What did not work well with regards to AD.
  • Expressing their abilities with assistive technology with respect to reviewing/viewing AD

After registering for classes

  • Contact each professor
  • Copy Accessible Media ( and your access specialist
  • Explain audio description accommodations
    • Will need to know if they want description inside transcript or full audio description, whether or not lecture recordings need to be described after posting
  • Ask professor if they plan to utilize videos or any type of visual art forms throughout the semester

Sample email for students about needing AD to send to professor

Dear Professor, 
I am enrolled in your {COURSE and SECTION}  course for the {FALL/SPRING/SUMMER 20__}  semester.  I am a registered student with Disability Resources and Educational Services, who utilizes audio description for videos as an academic accommodation.  In order for the videos to be Audio described in time for the class in which you intend to show the video, the videos will need to be given to Accessible Media Services at least eight weeks prior to the class.  
I would appreciate it if you could let me know as soon as possible if you intend to show videos in your class this semester. If you do, AMS will contact you with details on how to get your videos captioned. 
If you have questions specifically for me, or if you have questions for the Accessible Media Office, they can be reached at
I look forward to hearing from you soon, 
{Insert Your Name Here} 

After contacting your professors

  • If a professor is utilizing videos or visual art forms or supplements
    • Tell them that the AMS office will be in contact with them. Email AMS and your access specialist with the course name, course number, and professor name for each course. 
  • If a professor is not utilizing any visual supplements or videos for course materials
    • Request that they contact you if course materials change so you can ensure videos contain audio description
  • If a professor does not respond within one week, or no professor is listed on the course
    • Contact your access specialist and they will follow up with your professor.