Accessible Media Format For Students

Sharing of materials that have been produced solely for a student with a print disability will be reported to the appropriate campus personnel, as this is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and Copyright Law.


To maintain the integrity of services offered in accordance with the law, the following rules apply to students who utilize AMS Alternate Media Format services. 

  • Students must complete the AMS Alternate Media Format contract with their Access Specialist
  • Students must qualify as having a disability that is covered by 2 U.S.C. Section 235a; 46 Stats. 1487
  • Students must currently be registered at the University of Illinois when requesting services 
  • Materials for qualified graduate students, who are teaching a class will also be converted
    • Pending a syllabus with due dates is provided 
  • Students agree to keep their usernames and passwords private, and agree that they will not copy or reproduce any Alternative Media materials received, nor allow anyone else to do so
  • Students who have their books paid for by DHS will need to sign a form giving DRES permission to share your UIN with the Illini Union Bookstore
  • Students are responsible to notify AMS of course changes


Many courses include web-based materials (e.g., Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle) that might contain PDFs and PowerPoint presentations that are not readily accessible to students with screen readers.
  • If information is known prior to the start of the semester, AMS staff will try to obtain the materials so that they can be converted before the semester begins
  • If materials are not available before semester start, students are responsible for obtaining the materials from instructors, or downloading them from the internet and forwarding them to AMS staff
  • AMS staff is not responsible for monitoring individual course sites for new postings 


Optional materials are handled like any other course materials.
  • They must be listed by the professor for a course
  • AMS will convert journal articles or book chapters necessary for research papers for courses
    • Students are required to deliver the materials to AMS for conversion 


Students may submit rental books for conversion; however, files must be deleted from the student’s computer at the time the rental expires (e-book expiration or return of hard copy).
  • Misuse of electronic files could result in the loss of e-text services, as well as a referral to the Dean of Students


It is the goal of AMS to have materials delivered by the stated deadline for each semester converted and ready at the start of the semester.
  • Any books or articles brought in after the stated deadline will be put into a queue and converted on a first come/first serve basis
  • Students who begin the process for Alternative Material Services after the semester has started will have their materials converted from that point forward
    • Materials will not be retroactively converted
  • Converting highly technical materials into Braille or tactile graphics will require more time and are most often outsourced for completion
    • Completion time will be based on the outsourcing companies schedule
    • Materials should be given at least 6-8 weeks for completion


The AMS Office agrees to provide materials in an electronic format for the semester that the student is enrolled in class.
  • Previous semesters’ materials are not archived and will be removed from Box accounts one week following finals each semester


  • STEM and foreign language material may take longer to process