Career Services

Our mission is to meet the individualized career preparation needs of DRES students at the University of Illinois by providing customized career readiness experiences, collaborating with allies and the career services community across campus, and partnering with corporations to promote disability hiring and workplace accommodations in order for our students to become gainfully employed.

A weekly newsletter is sent out to all DRES students with important information such as upcoming events, scholarship and employment opportunities, and more! If you are not currently receiving the newsletter make sure you email Lindsay Haitz to be added to the list.    

DRES offers a variety of opportunities and resources related to career development and employment transition.


Are you registered for Handshake?

If you are not, you definitely should be! 

What is Handshake?

Handshake is an application used by the University of Illinois to connect students with employers. Students can create a virtual resume that can be submitted to any internship or job listed on the website. 

Why is Handshake important?

Employers specifically list their jobs on handshake looking for University of Illinois students. Handshake makes it easy to navigate opportunities for university students and help gain professional work experience. Handshake also keeps you updated with upcoming career fairs and networking events on campus. You can RSVP for these events simply by clicking on the event and clicking the RSVP tab. If you have not claimed your account, visit to set up your profile and jump start your career! 


Throughout the academic year, DRES may offer career-related workshops to help students achieve their career goals. Workshops in the past have included writing a resume, setting up handshake, and more. 

Past Workshops

Create your Powerful Resume 

Presenter: Julie Rundell, Assistant Director for Career Services, College of Fine + Applied Arts


What is this about?

How do you get your resume to shine and rise to the top of the pile? What is your brand? Let’s talk about it!


Handshake Info Session
What: Info Session on Handshake
Who is presenting: Jason Boys, Senior Assistant Director of Career & Student Services (LER)
When: Tuesday 3/26 from 4-5pm
Where: SDRP 2050
Why: You will now be able to find DRES Career Services on Handshake and connect with companies who are motivated to hire and networking with students who have visible and/or invisible disabilities.  Please come to this session to learn more!

How to Train Your Brain to Navigate Negativity

Presenter: Gina Johnson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

What is this about? *students/staff/faculty welcome!

Gina’s made her life’s passion to help people manage their response to negative life situations, negative people, and negative things. She specializes in enhanced self-awareness, increased motivation, decreased procrastination, healthy stress management, increased self-confidence, effective communication, and interpersonal skills. In other words, she truly helps people realize their full potential for growth.

Corporate Day on Disability

On Monday, November 5th, we had our “Corporate Day on Disability” in which we met with companies such as Busey Bank, State Farm, and Grant Thorton to develop mentoring programs, internship and job opportunities!  These companies are specifically interesting in working with and hiring DRES registered students.
Besides networking with companies, the highlight of the day was our amazing student panel.  (Thanks to all our students who volunteered!!)  Our industry partners were IMPRESSED and recognized your SUPERPOWERS of resilience, self-awareness, and collaboration skills that set you apart from your peers. Many good things to come!

Dialogue on Disability
On Tuesday, November 6th, we had our “Continued Conversation on Disability Disclosure”, led by Adrienne Pickett. Thanks to all the students who came and made it a productive discussion.

How to Write a Personal Statement

Do you know how to write a compelling description of your achievements, interests and experience?  Come get some tips and help from one of the experts!!

"Finding Employment that works for individuals with Autism Conference." Over 75 people attended at the Ihotel.

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Career Coaching

Career coaching is a 1 on 1 session to help students assess career readiness, understand interests and skills, and determine future goals. Are you struggling to decidie what kind of career path you are most interested in? A Career Coaching session can help give you the confidence necessary when deciding the appropriate career path.

We are offering the following services for you:

  • Peer Coaching/Planning Sessions
  • Career Advising/Coaching
  • Resume Review
  • Job/Internship Searches/Applications
  • Interview Prep/Mock Interview

To schedule an appointment, please email 

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Corporate Networking Events

DRES hosts several events throughout the year for students to meet with a wide range of company recruiters. These events are an excellent opportunity to begin to develope their network. This network will help in their search for internships and job opportunities after students graduate. 

Business Networking Event

Thanks for all our students to came to the Business Networking Event on Tuesday (1/29/19) at DRES!  We had a great turnout (even during the Polar Vortex!)



“Thank you for having me! I was more than happy to represent Medix and meet with your students. They were all extremely prepared and professional, and the event was great overall. I loved the set up, and the tour (of DRES) was wonderful.”

-Emily from Medix


“Everything was great, from the set-up, to the check-in process, all the way through the treats and tear-down. I very much appreciate working with students and enjoy being able to provide some insight. The more nervous the candidate the better an influence I can be to them. I truly enjoy seeing the light-bulb moments and seeing the anxiety release from students as they begin to feel more relaxed” 

-Adam from State Farm


“My team and I really enjoyed the DRES networking event. It was great to meet a smaller group of students in a more intimate setting. We also really liked taking a tour of your facility. We were so impressed with the programming offered to your students. We hope to join you again in the fall when we return to campus.”

-Rachael from Amica


Research Park Career Fair 

SDRP Networking Dinner 

"I was honored last night to be part of the Employer Networking Dinner for Uof I students with visible/invisible disabilities and/or veterans. The event was sponsored by DRES (Disability Resources & Education Services) and the Chez Center for Wounded Veterans. The goal was to help students, via Q&A, role play or just talking, go after their first job out of college. They face challenges we never even THINK about and I was humbled by their courage, attitude, and commitment to succeed. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to support that group and their incredible commitment to What’s Possible.”
- Kurt from Northwestern Mutual


“The DRES Networking Dinner was an excellent opportunity for us to talk with students with visible and/or invisible disabilities and/or veterans. The students we met with were all highly ambitious and excited to meet with the variety of companies that attended the event. The students came ready with their resumes to talk about internships and career opportunities. Since it was a more intimate setting than a normal career fair it allowed for us to spend more time talking with each of the students, learning about their career aspirations and giving them advice on different career paths. I look forward to attending more events with DRES in the future”

– Jonathan Philipp, Diversity & Inclusion Sr. Associate Grant Thornton, University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign Alum


"The March 12th DRES event provided a unique opportunity to meet specific college student populations that are not always easy to reach. University students had the chance to meet a variety of employers as well. The FBI holds diversity in all forms as a core value, and this event provided the FBI with an opportunity to meet students from a variety of backgrounds. By talking with students at the dinner, we were able to learn about employment barriers these students face periodically when searching for employment. It was a great learning experience for us to learn what we can do to become as inclusive as possible in our hiring practices."

- Amanda Bly FBI

Boeing Lunch & Learn Networking Event 

Students met with representatives from Boeing to learn more information about Boeing as a company and what is like to work for Boeing. 

Are you a recruiter interested in connecting with or recruiting qualified college students with disabilities for internship and employment opportunities? Do you have job opportunities that you want to target to qualified students with disabilities enrolled at the U of I? Please email Lindsay Haitz for more information.


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