2017 BigTen Academic Alliance: Information Technology Accessibility Group (ITAG) Meeting

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Wednesday, March 29th 12:00pm-5:00pm
Thursday, March 30th, 8:00am-12:00pm


Huff Hall
Room 114
1206 S 4th St
Champaign, IL 61820


Agenda on Wednesday
Time Topic

Pre-Meeting Workshop
Open Source Web Accessibility Tools
Online Web Accessibility Training  
(led by Jon Gunderson)

12:00pm-12:30pm Lunch



Panel Session on Institutional IT Accessibility Policies and Implementation Plans

Notes on panel session

  • Peter Bossley, Ohio State
  • Nathan Evans, MSU
  • Hadi Rangin, University of Washington
  • Sean Reynolds, CIO, Northwestern
  • Christian Vinten-Johansen, PSU
  • Bill Welsh, Rutgers

Welcome by the Provost: John Wilkin 

2:30pm-2:45pm Break

Collaboration with Vendors
Discussion led by Peter Bossley, Kathy Braidic and Rahim Abdi

  • Sharing vendor information
  • Devleopment of a resource to describe accessibility features of vended products
  • Track accessibility issues and updates
  • Access restrictions to BTAA insitutions
  • Discussion of this project as a potential ITAG project sponsored by the CIOs
3:45pm-4:00pm Break
Accessibility 101 Overview and Feedback
  • Todd Weissenberger, Iowa
  • Scott Marshall, Minnesota

Group Dinner (optional)

Group dinner at Big Grove Tavern in downtown Champaign

Agenda for Thursday
Time Topic

NOTE:  The conference hotel includes a made-to-order breakfast, so please give some time to eat before 8:00am.

Continential Breakfast items and coffess at Huff Hall


Student Sourced Captioning using ClassTranscribe

Lawrence Angrave (Computer Science) and students from his course


ClassTranscribe is an open-source, web-based platform that leverages crowdsourcing to address the problem of accurate, reliable and fast transcriptions of lectures. Lecturers specify a particular audio or video file and a series of associated student transcribers. The file is then broken up into transcription tasks and distributed with redundancy amongst the student transcribers. Lastly, the completed tasks are intelligently reassembled into a complete transcription. Completed transcriptions provide search functionality that augments existing lecture recordings and enable enhanced educational features including closed captioning. The resulting conceptual understanding gained from the act of transcribing has been shown to be enticing [1] and serves as a core motivation for students to participate. ClassTranscribe has been deployed in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign CS 241 Systems Programming course. 35 students collectively transcribed every CS 241 lecture recorded during the Spring 2015 semester using the ClassTranscribe platform. 141 students, or 68% of enrolled students in the course, used the transcription-enabled search and video captioning features on ClassTranscribe. On average, students used ClassTranscribe for 7 minutes and 50 seconds and averaged 8.85 searches over the course of the semester. Student search term frequency data illuminated areas of confusion and enabled more targeted and effective review sessions. Test scores of participating student transcribers were recorded and used to obtain preliminary results pertaining to correlations between learning and transcribing that will be presented at the conference. We have published the source code of ClassTranscribe online at [2] and a working demonstration at http://classtranscribe.com.


[1] Tim Causer, Justin Tonra, Valerie Wallace, “Transcription maximized; expense minimized? Crowdsourcing and editing The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham,” Literary and Linguistic Computing, 27(2), pp. 119-137.

[2] ClassTranscribe, ClassTranscribe [Online] 2015. Available: https://github.com/cs-education/classTranscribe (Accessed: 29 May 2015)

9:10am-9:20am Break

Update and plans for BTAA IT Accessibility Purchasing Policy and Implementation Working Group
Discussion lead by Nathan Evans, Jane Berliss-Vincent and Daniel Szajna

Slides for purchasing

  • Progress
  • Discussion
    • Low hanging fruit for immediate impact
    • Long term needs for accessible purchasing
    • Training and compency
    • Barriers that need to be addressed for accessible purchasing practices
  • Goals for next year
10:00am-10:10am Break

E-text@illinois an Accessible E-book Success Story

Milind Basole and Yury Borukhovich, Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning

This session will discuss a unique University of Illinois resource to provide customized, affordable and accessible e-books to students on your campus.  Milind and Yuri will discuss how they built accessibility into their work flow from the beginning of the project and how this service could be used on your campus.  There are over 30 interactive e-books from available from e-text@illinois.edu.

More information at:


10:50am-11:00am Break

Planning and Priorties for Next Year (Carrie Nelson)

Send Carrie Nelson brain stroming ideas for the working group.

  • Review current working group progress and plans
  • New or changes in working groups based on FTF meeting
  • BTAA 2017 Tech Forum at Indiana participation
11:30am-11:45am Closing remarks

Beckwith Tour (Optional)

Optional Lunch with Beckwith program Staff and Students at Ikenberry Commons Dining Hall  and Tour of Nugent Hall accessible dorm rooms


Disability Services Tour (Optional)

Optional Tour of Disability Resources and Education Services located at Rehabilitation Education Center, 1207 S. Oak Street, Champaign.

  • Academic lab
  • Paralymic training center
  • Text conversion
  • Captioning services
  • Testing accommodation center
  • Transportation services


  • Alison May, Northwestern
  • Ana Palla-Kane, Maryland (online)
  • Angie Anderson, Illinois
  • Ann Fredricksen, Illinois
  • Bill Welsh, Rutgers
  • Bob Crisler, Nebraska
  • Brandon Werner, Michigan
  • Brian Boyle, Illinois
  • Brian Richwine, Indiana
  • Carrie Nelson, Wisconsin
  • Charlie Collick, Rutgers
  • Christian Johansen, Penn State
  • Christy Blew, Illinois
  • Cindy Hedgecough, Purdue
  • Dan Szajna, Illinois
  • Dean Brusnighan, Purdue
  • Dick Detzner, Illinois
  • Emily Baker, Chicago
  • Galen Rafferty, Big Ten Academic Alliance
  • Hadi Rangin, Univeristy of Washington
  • Heidi Schroeder, Michigan State (online)
  • Heidi Smart, Purdue
  • Jane Berliss-Vincent, Michigan
  • Jim Stachowiak, Northwestern
  • JJ Pionke, Illinois
  • Jon Gunderson, Illinois
  • Karen Bollinger, Illinois
  • Katherine Johnson, Illinois
  • Kathy Braidic, Ohio State
  • Keith Hays, Illinois
  • Kirk Corey, Iowa
  • Lori Lane, Illinois
  • Marc Thompson, Illinois
  • Marla McKinney, Illinois
  • Michael Fairchild, University of Nebraska
  • Michele Norin (CIO), Rutgers
  • Nate Evans, Michigan State
  • Nicholas Hoyt, Illinois (online)
  • Patricia Malik, Illinois
  • Peter Bossley, Ohio State (online)
  • Rahim Abdi, Ohio State
  • Roberto Aldunate, Illinois
  • Ryan Vis, Michigan (online)
  • Sandi Arendalkowski, Wisconsin
  • Scott Marshall, Minnesota
  • Sean Reynolds (CIO), Northwestern
  • Shirisha Balusani, Illinois
  • Tim Offenstein, Illinois (online)
  • Todd Schwanke. Wisconsin (online)
  • Todd Weissenberger, Iowa

Conference Hotel

Hawthorn Suites

101 Trade Center Dr
Champaign, IL 61820
Phone:(217) 398-3400

Block of  rooms reserved under “MARCH ITAG MEETING”

Reservation cutoff date is March 3rd.

$94.99 -  1 king bed + pull out sofa

$99.99 – 2 double beds + pull out sofa