Angella Anderson

Disability Specialist, Alternate Format Production
Accessible Media Services
086 Rehabilitation Education Center
(217) 244-3983

Angie has worked at DRES since 1992.  Angie obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Community Health/Disability Studies in 2005, and her Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling in 2008.  She currently is the Supervisor of the Text Conversion Service in the  Accessible Media Services (AMS) Office, whose mission is two-pronged:

  • To provide alternate format materials for students with disabilites who would otherwise not be able to access printed materials.
  • To provide closed captioning for videos and other audio-related media for Deaf and hard of hearing students for classroom use, or for other departments on campus.

Angie has collaborated on many campus groups over the years to work on policies, procedures, and Best Practices to share ideas on the most practical and efficient ways to maximize resources for the betterment of the campus and the students we serve.  Angie also networks with many other campuses in order to stay abreast of new technologies and resources in order to bring the best services to our campus and students.

She has served as the Secretary for the Illinois/Iowa AHEAD affiliate. She is currently serving on the National AHEAD's (Association of Higher Education and Disability) Technology Standing Committee.  Angie is also part of the CIC's (Committee on Institutional Cooperation) subgroup on Captioning, which will hopefully lead to some synergy's on captioning, and some of the processes and procedures, and other issues that surround that issue.