2011 Summer Wheelchair Sport Camps

Universityof Illinois

Summer Wheelchair Sport Camps



The University of Illinois is once again hosting its summer sports camps.  This summer the Illini will be offering 5 camps- Elite Basketball Camp, Individual Basketball Skills Camp, Track Camp, and 2 Basketball Coaches Clinics (advanced and intermediate). 


1.  Our most popular camp, Individual Skills Camp, will be held July 5 - July 9, 2012. The camp fee is $385.  This is a great camp for beginners and/or athletes that want to fine tune their foundational wheelchair basketball skills.  Instruction at this camp will be provided by the U of I coaching staff and student-athletes.  This will provide the best hands-on experience for your developing athletes.


2.  In conjunction with Individual Camp, our Coaches Clinic I will be held June 27 - July 2, 2012.  Coaches will review the basic skills of wheelchair basketball and move forward with more intermediate concepts.  Coaches will also have an opportunity to coach their own team at Individual Camp. The cost of this clinic is $350. If you have 5 or more athletes from your team attend any Illinois sports camp, the camp fee for the clinic will be waived.


3.  Elite Camp will be held from June 27 - July 2, 2012, and the cost is $500.  This camp will showcase the top 24 junior athletes in the world, and in the past, 75% of these athletes have gone on to represent their countries at international competitions.  Based on feedback from previous camps, a 1 day shooting clinic has been added to the beginning of camp. The instruction at this camp will be provided by the U of I wheelchair basketball coaching staff. 


4.  In conjunction with Elite Camp, our Coaches Clinic II will also be held July 5 - 9.  This clinic will focus on coaching the advanced skills of wheelchair basketball.  Coaches will get an opportunity to coach high quality athletes and watch execution at an elite level.  The cost of this clinic is $350 but again, if you have 5 athletes or more from your team attend any Illinois summer camp (Elite, Individual, and/or Track), the camp fee will be waived.  Transportation is not included.


You can access the camp registration on our website at www.disability.illinois.edu/camp in February 2012.  If you would like the camp forms before February, please email sportscamp@illinois.edu or call (217) 333-4606.


At The University of Illinois, our goal for these summer camps is to continue to develop wheelchair sports.  We would love to assist in the development and improvement of your wheelchair sport programs.  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact The Wheelchair Athletics Office at sportscamp@illinois.edu or call (217) 333-4606.


Hope to see you this summer!