Athletic Spotlights

Chicago Marathon
October 13, 2011
Wheelchair Division start of the 2011 Chicago Marathon

Sunny skies, moderate temperatures, and a slight breeze, all make up an awesome day for a push...a 26.1 mile all out push.  That is exactly what 17 of the 19 athletes on the U of I wheelchair racing team did on Sunday, October 9...pushed at an average speed of 15mph through the streets of Chicago.  The men's race was a close finish with the top five finishing 40 seconds apart.  The women's race was heavily favored for a U of I athlete to win and win she did...Tatyana McFadden came away with the winning time of 1:45:00, 2 minutes ahead of her closest competition.

Men's results

Joshua George     1:29:23  3rd

Adam Bleakney     1:29:57  5th

Aaron Pike             1:38:55  6th

Tony Iniguez            1:38:56  7th

Ryan Chalmers       1:43:52  8th

Brian Siemann        1:43:53  9th

Travis Dodson         1:48:04  11th

Peter Park                1:48:14  12th

David Grassi            1:52:27  13th

Josh Swoverland      2:03:06  15th

Rob Kozarek             2:09:47  16th


Women's results

Tatyana McFadden     1:45:00  1st

Jessica Galli                1:58:18  5th

Susanna Scaroni         2:02:46  7th

Jill Moore                      2:18:05  8th

Maggie Frederick        2:46:02  9th

**  Christina Ripp         2:00:45  6th  **UI alum not training in Champaign but always part of the family!

**Amanda McGrory - equipment failure, was not able to finish the race