Career Supports

DRES offers a variety of opportunities and resources related to career development and employment transition.


Throughout the academic year, DRES may offer career-related workshops that are relevant to career transition issues (i.e., “Disability Disclosure in the Employment Process”).

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Career Assessments

There are a variety of career assessments available for students to complete to gain an increased understanding of their own perceptions as they relate to career readiness, interests, and skills.

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Recruitment activities

National organizations such as the Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) and Entry Point make annual visits to DRES to recruit qualified students with disabilities for internship / employment opportunities.

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There are ongoing national, regional, and campus-wide opportunities throughout the academic year that might be of interest, MANY students registered with DRES in recent years were offered meaningful internship and employment opportunities simply by paying attention to the publicity that was sent to them by DRES.

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Referral to other on-campus resources

The University of Illinois has 29 campus career services offices, which includes both DRES and The Career Center (TCC), located on 715 South Wright St.—across the street from the Alma Mater.

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Support to Alumni from DRES

If you are a U of I alumni who utilized DRES services, you are welcome to participate in any workshops, recruitment activities (if you qualify), refer to any publicity that is posted to the DRES website, and obtain a referral to other on-campus resources available to all U of I alumni.

All communication regarding workshops, recruitment activities, and publicity for career-specific opportunities are sent to the DRES student list serve and posted to the DRES website. Currently enrolled students will receive the majority of information from the DRES student list serve. For DRES alumni and students no longer enrolled with the U of I, check the DRES website periodically for more information.

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Career Exploration Tools

Self-directed career exploration tools


O*NET contains self-directed career exploration/assessment tools to help workers consider and plan career options, preparation, and transitions more effectively.  This resource can help individuals identify their work-related interests, what they consider important on the job, and their abilities in order to explore those occupations that relate most closely to those attributes.  This resource allows individuals to make a seamless transition from assessing their interests, work values, and abilities to matching their job skills with the requirements of occupations in their local labor market.  There are more than 800 occupations described by the O*NET database.

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National internship / employment resources for qualified college students with disabilities

These are well-known resources that might lead to great opportunities for both internship and employment.

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Resources on Job Accommodations

Note: It should not be assumed that by providing these national resources at our website, DRES is implying that they will guarantee successful outcomes for interested applicants.

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Campus-Specific Resources for all U of I students


Find out about the career services placement offices on campus, learn about jobs and internships available through these placement offices, and check out when the campus wide career fairs are scheduled.

The Career Center

Located on 715 South Wright St. (across from the Alma Mater), The Career Center works to serve all students of the University of Illinois regarding issues of professional and career development. DRES has a small collection of their handouts displayed in the main lobby.

Are you a recruiter interested in connecting with or recruiting qualified college students with disabilities for internship and employment opportunities? Do you have job opportunities that you want to target to qualified students with disabilities enrolled at the U of I? Please email Rachel Green for more information.

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