Jonathan Thomas-Stagg

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Student Services
Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES)

Dr. Thomas-Stagg is a graduate of the School Psychology program at Illinois State University. He did his pre-doctoral internship at DRES in 2007-2008. He completed his post-doctoral internship while working at the Ogle County Educational Cooperative (OCEC) as a school psychologist. He moved to Champaign in August, 2011 to work as a psychologist at DRES. He runs the Academic Lab. He especially loves coaching and working with graduate students.

Academic Lab is a supported study hall offered by DRES to provide students a quiet, helpful place to study. It is open from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, Mondays through Thursdays. A variety of snacks are available to students at no charge. There are plenty of wall outlets to charge your computer, as most students bring computers to work during Lab. There are also two Engineering Work Stations for students to use if they are eligible (i.e., an engineering student, or any student taking a class cross-listed with Engineering). Some additional information about Academic Lab:

  • It is staffed by Dr. Jonathan Thomas-Stagg who, on most days, can provide drop-in academic coaching to help address problems with time-management, study skills, and organization. Some people choose to come in to meet with Dr. Thomas-Stagg regularly for encouragement, support, and a sense of accountability for finishing their coursework. 
  • There are some days when Dr. Thomas-Stagg is NOT AVAILABLE in Academic Lab. For the Fall, 2017 semester, Dr. Thomas-Stagg is not in Academic Lab on Thursdays. But, he will be regularly available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Any other cancellations when Dr. Thomas-Stagg is not available in Lab will be listed below. If you are planning on coming to Academic Lab specifically to see Dr. Thomas-Stagg, it may be useful to check this website before arriving to check for any possible cancellations.
  • Academic Lab is a public space for DRES students only. Students must be registered with DRES to come to Academic Lab. Because it is a public study space, we all must respect the learning needs of others.
  • Academic Lab is not a suitable place to touch base when a student is in the midst of a crisis. Students experiencing a mental health crisis are typically referred for a walk-in assessment at the Counseling Center. Additionally, if there is an urgent matter that you need to discuss privately with Dr. Thomas-Stagg, it is best to schedule a meeting with him during his office hours, as opposed to coming to Academic Lab. 

CANCELLATIONS: Academic Lab is open for the semester. Lab will not be open on Labor Day as the DRES office is closed.

Dr. Thomas-Stagg holds office hours several hours per week in order to meet the immediate needs of students. In order to reserve a 30-minute block of time with Dr. Thomas-Stagg in order to discuss accommodations, course or program issues, or services through DRES, please select a meeting time from the calendar below. If you are having trouble using the calendar, please contact Dr. Thomas-Stagg directly at and he will help you to reserve a time. Please keep in mind:

  • Because seeing students is a priority during his office hours, appointments that are requested by parents will be cancelled so that students can have better access to office hours.

  • Please request only one, 30-minute appointment time unless you have prior approval from Dr. Thomas-Stagg to schedule multiple blocks of time.

  • Click on the black triangles to move from week to week.

  • When scheduling an appointment, please give enough details about the reason for the meeting so Dr. Thomas-Stagg can prepare appropriately.